About Soaring Wings

A place to relax, socialize, reconnect with nature, and enjoy friends old and new.

Fostering unforgettable moments and connections in a spectacular, serene landscape.

A Growing Story

The Soaring Wings winery was owned by Jim and Sharon Shaw for 20 years and speaks to a story of serendipity and passion. After living in Dallas and returning to take care of family, they stumbled upon the property in Springfield that would become their winery.

With a vision fueled by their love for wine and the beauty of the land, they knew this was where they would build their dream. At that time, there was only one other winery in the area, making their venture both pioneering and ambitious.Jim, a pilot by profession, cleverly named the winery Soaring Wings as a nod to his aviation background, symbolizing the spirit of adventure and freedom that defines their winemaking journey.

The winery is now under the ownership of Pat Ackerman, a passionate pilot and entrepreneur. Pat believes that Soaring Wings Winery is poised to become the premier destination for creating and curating customer memories and moments.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our mission it to create lasting customer memories through unique experiences, warm hospitality, local, hand-crafted wines, and other products. We aim to become the premier destination for creating and curating customer memories and moments.


We prioritize creating a welcoming, friendly, and attentive atmosphere, ensuring that guests feel valued and respected.


We embrace the authentic spirit of Nebraska’s winemaking heritage, crafting wines that reflect the unique character of our region.


We are committed to fostering a sense of connection and belonging, by engaging with and supporting the local community by creating memorable shared experiences.

Local Flavors

We celebrate the best of local artisans by connecting their products and experiences with our destination and customers.

Meet the team

Pat Ackerman


Kelsey Gilliam-Hays

Director of Food and Beverage

Valerie Connell

Tasting Room Manager

Joel Greve


Clara Senkbile

Director of Marketing and Project Management

Nicole Eagin


Jimmy Wages

Vineyard Manager

Kelsey Gillam (Director of Food and Beverage), Pat Ackerman (Owner), Clara Senkbile (Director of Marketing), Nicole Eagin (Winemaker), Jimmy Wages (Vineyard Manager), Valerie Connell (Tasting Room Manager), and Joel Greve (Operations)

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